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Two Little Souls

Cushion Moroccan “Evil Eye” Vintage Floor Cushions

Cushion Moroccan “Evil Eye” Vintage Floor Cushions

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Floor Rug Cushions 

Subtle Neutrals & Vivid Brights

Cultures weaved throughout history of both Morocco & Spain

Age 60’s-70’s Era

Measurements may vary as Handmade item

60cmx60cm Approx

Some cushions are slightly larger as made by hand and not mass produced…

Zipper Closure 

Dry clean only

Fairtrade Friendly

No Machine Wash as naturally dyed 

Sold without insert

Fill with old clothes/Quilts/Bedding or

Feather/Eco insert

Fairtrade Friendly

These Carpet Cushions  are sustainable, earth friendly and

recycled !

Vintage “one of a kind pattern/colour each and every Cushion”

Washed in the Rivers of the Atlas Mountains, Handyed and left to dry overnight under the Stars to spiritually cleanse any negative energy...Keeping the Berber tradition alive..

Extra seating for guests, relaxing with a Book, meditation and just perfect for kids...

Floor Cushion firmness fill with old quilts/clothing

Spot cleaning recommended/Dry Clean

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